Friday, 4 September 2015


Recently I've become obsessed with all things copper and with all the Uni shopping I have been doing lately, I've definitely been on the look out for copper accents that I can fill my Uni room with. But many a time copper items are extremley overpriced for what they are, and all though copper is a major homeware trend, there are some items that will always be in a standard boring colour. So too save time looking high and low for copper items, and to save money on buying over priced copper I decided to invest in some copper spray paint and get to DIYing.

 IKEA 'DOKUMENT' Magazine Holder- £5 // EBAY Copper Spray Paint- £3.60

Once you have your spray paint and the item you want to spray paint- in this case the IKEA magazine holders, the rest is pretty self explanatory- just spray away at your hearts content, until it is fully covered. I would advice to do this in a field or garden, when it's not too windy. Also try and wear clothing you don't mind ruining, just in case you happen to miss the object and spray yourself lol.

And voila! A cheap IKEA magazine holder is turned into the perfect copper home bit, in less than 3 minutes. This can pretty much be done with anything that is spray paintable, and is an easy and cheap way to be one step closer to having the perfect Pinterest inspired room.

Let me know below what your favourite homeware trends are atm, as well as your favourite DIYs! Thanks for reading and make sure to follow for more posts!

Monday, 31 August 2015


eBay is the home of amazing bargains and has pretty much saved my life when it comes to finding an affordable dupe for a product. I'm always amazed by some of the deals that I find on that website and I've decided to start sharing some of my best eBay buys as they are just too good not to.

Recently I've really needed some new brushes, but with saving for freshers and payday not for a few weeks (I get paid really randomly) I needed to find a cheap alternative to last me until the miracle that is payday comes. I took to eBay to see what I could find, and low and behold this 10 piece kabuki set was waiting for me, it arrived in 3 days and cost a mere £4.89, so you can't go wrong really.
It comes with 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes, that are a mixture of  sizes, shapes and densities. I wouldn't be able to say they are a match to my real techniques brushes but for £4.89 they are certainly not bad, and you can never have too many brushes. 

I have only used them once so cannot do a full review yet, but my favourites are: the angled face brush for contour and the pointed face brush (the shape is perfect for applying powder under the eyes). I don't think the eye brushes aren't suited for packing on eyeshadow but they are perfect for blending it out for a seamless look.

Let me know what you think of these brushes, and what bargains you have found on eBay recently! Thanks for reading and make sure to follow!

Thursday, 27 August 2015


With back to school creeping closer and closer, I'm in a position I've never been in before, I'm actually excited to return to 'school' after a long summer, because I am starting my first year of Uni in September! British summer has ditched us in a hurry, which means Autumn is arriving sooner than expected, and that only means one thing- WARDROBE UPDATE.

I've put together what I think will be my uni clothing essentials, (as I haven't actually been to Uni before, obviously) and the things that are on my wish list for Uni and my pending A/W wardrobe update.

Comfort is the running theme in this essentials list and v-necks are definitely my t-shirt of preference, they are super comfortable and a perfect base for layering in A/W. They also look  effortless when paired with the other items on this list. I love the ones featured above, as sometimes I'd opt for a plain t-shirt like the Burgundy Zara or Grey H&M, or a slogan top like the 'Pretty' Mango one featured above. 

Jeans are a wardrobe essential and not just for uni! But when it comes to comfort finding the perfect pair of jeans can be key and this is often hard. Personally inUuni I know I'm going to lean away from jeans that are 100% denim and opt for something with a bit more stretch. My favourite jeans for this are definitely the Topshop Jamie's and I love the ripped knee look, but I've also included the black Joni's above as they are pretty comfy too and you can never go wrong with black jeans!

I couldn't decide whether to include a bomber or leather jacket above as I tend to wear both equally. Most people would argue that a black leather jacket is the one of the  most important pieces to have in your wardrobe, and I agree. But I like to go for bomber jackets when I want a really laid back look, and in lectures or when I'm running errands they will be a bit less restraining than leather jackets. I love the varsity feel of the Very bomber jacket above, if only it had a K, instead of A and could be purchased on a student budget!

OK, I have to admit that the word essential in this post has been misused, as I'm sure you'll live without taking a fedora to Uni, BUT in A/W fedoras can transform outfits and give you a hand when you're having a bad hair day. Camel is a must for my Autumn colour palette and if you are sick of wearing it on your coat (like me, sorry) you can opt for camel accessories like this Camel fedora shown above.

This is an item that I actually believe is up there with my most important. I've always been a handbag person, ever since year 7 I refused to carry a backpack to school and I'd always carry a handbag that probably didn't fit half of my stuff. After 7 years of experiencing annoying straps digging into one shoulder, and wet books that couldn't quite fit into my very impractically sized handbag, I've decided that I'm going to have to switch to a trusty backpack. I actually bought the white New Look backpack in the above a few days ago, luckily more and more shops have created backpacks that don't make you look like you about to go on a hike Mount Kilimanjaro.

Finally thi A/W essential is the perfect shoe to make sure you have for Uni. Flat Chelsea boots are sooooooo comfortable and go with just about any outfit. The ones featured above are Doc Martens from Union Jack Boots, the thick sole will mean that these are be perfect for all weather conditions and when it starts to get a bit colder they'll withstand the frost. Paired with a fedora, it makes any outfit look far dressier than it is.

What are your Uni or A/W essentials? Are you starting this September as well? Let me know below! Thanks for reading and make sure to follow!

Sunday, 23 August 2015


MatalanSunglasses//American ApparelCrop Top//TopshopJeans//PrimarkHeels

Firstly I have a confession to make, as much as I'd love this amazing handbag to be mine it's not (yet). I went to London with my aunty for a little wander and some lunch and I couldn't help but nick her bag and include it in some outfit pictures. I'm not going to lie I felt very 'city' with it, if 'city' can be used to describe one's look. This American Apparel crop top has literally been one of my favourites of the month and if I were to do my August favourites it would surely be included. Besides the fact it reminds me of a grey version of something that would be found in the ballet kit of my four year old self, this top has been the perfect piece to throw on for an effortless look. Paired with white jeans and heels, it creates the perfect drinks outfit, and with ripped jeans, trainers and a bomber it gives a way more casual look. I just love it! Oh and sorry for the little sunglasses switch-a-roo, blame my indecisive self!

Let me know what you wardrobe favourite has been this August below and make sure to follow if you enjoyed this post!

Sunday, 16 August 2015


I feel like it's been so long since I've written an actual, proper blog post! So here I am with a travel diary from Dubai that is embarrassingly late. If you follow me on Instagram you would have probably noticed that I went to Dubai (and if you don't follow what are you doing with your life)?. So here are some of my favourite pictures from my holiday!

Souk Madinat Jumeriah was one of the places that our tour guide took us when exploring Dubai, it was mean to emulate the traditional souks of Dubai, but obviously catered for tourists and air-conditioned (air-con literally became my new best friend on this holiday). Out the back of the souk it had amazing views of the artificial canals and we could even see the Burj Al Arab in the distance! 

After this we visited Atlantis The Palm Hotel, too see the Aquarium, visit the waterpark and swim with dolphins (which I'll hopefully upload picture of in another post). Next time I go to Dubai I seriously want to stay there, I had way too much fun at the waterpark, and I've never seen so many supercars in one place, I felt seriously poor walking through the car park.

Last on this post id pictures from our desert safari, the evening tarted with riding the sand dunes in a white 4X4, it involved beautiful views and quite a bit of vomit (no joke so many people were being sick just from the ride) but aside from the bodily fluids it was a very fun evening. Once the drive was over we headed over to a camel farm to say hi to some very friendly camels, later on in the night we enjoyed some traditional food, free henna and entertaining performances, oh and my eleven year old sister got offered shisha...

Let me know if you've been to Dubai or where you have been this Summer and watch out for the rest of my Dubai travel diaries. Thanks for reading and make sure to follow!


Monday, 3 August 2015


1- pres before my school's leavers dinner // 2- outfit from my last night in dubai // 3- chilling in the main pool in my hotel // 4- burj al arab, dubai // 5- view from the burj khalifa // 6- walking along the beach at my hotel // 7- exploring the souks in dubai // 8- amazing interior of atlantis hotel, dubai // 9- some yummy fro yos

10- sunbathing (and by that i mean hiding in the shade) on the beach // 11- evening camel rides in the desert // 12- having a sit in the desert // 13- the perfect view from the beach // 14- pina colada by the pool // 15- pina colada IN the pool (lol) // 16- lunch at the waffle house // 17- the trap that is new look shoes on sale // 18- palm trees x sunbeds in ayia napa

It has been suuuuuuuch a long time since I've posted and I've been up too so much, mainly revision and exams during May and June, after exams and Leaver's Dinner I flew out to Ayia Napa for a week with my 5 of my friends (which was amazing!) I've know just got back from a week in Dubai, so look out for a photo diary or two! I thought this post would be an easy way to get back into blogging and I recently made a new Instragram so please check it out and follow!

What have you guys been up to this summer? Let me know below! Also make sure to comment your Instagram accounts as I love checking out and following new ones!


Thursday, 23 April 2015


I know it's not Summer yet but I can dream right? I've been dreaming of Summer now more than ever with the weather in the UK finally perking up, Dubai and Ayia Napa planned and an extra long Summer ahead of me before Uni I am sooo excited and I cannot wait for school and exams to be over and for me to be in the sun, by the pool, cocktail in hand! So here are a few things that I'm hoping to get up to or do this Summer, and hopefully I can tick them off as they are completed.

  1. Vlog Napa and Dubai, any vlog camera suggestions? Can't exactly use my SLR to vlog easyly, please let me know below if you have any!
  2. Go on a road trip (which would mean passing my driving test). I'll also need a car which I don't have so this is looking like a more and more unrealistic goal, anyone else wanna drive?
  3. Watch the sunset/sunrise on the beach. 
  4. Go paragliding on holiday. Or any sort of water sport besides jet skiing, I've done it before but it kind of only hit me after how dangerous they are which really unsettles me
  5. Go bright with my hair! Grey or blue? I really want to dye my hair a fun colour and Summer is the best time to get away with that!
  6. Visit a theme park. If you don't go to Thorpe Park (or Alton Towers) in Summer WHAT? It's the best time to go! You dry so quickly after the water rides as well!
  7. Go to a concert/ festival. I can't go to see my bae Drake at Wireless because I'm away (weep with me guys :'/) and I do not think I'm cut out to stay all of Reading so any other suggestions?
  8. Get a crazy cool henna tattoo. Last year in Zante I got a pretty rubbish inside joke henna but I want a really extravagant mehndi design, definitely going to by some tubes to play around with.
  9. Save A LOT for Uni. Hopefully when I'm not away or blogging I can use my time productively to work, I'm not sure if I'm ready for the renowned strained finances of a proper student, au revoir branded food.
  10. Meet new people. I love meeting new people, and even though I'm going to be meeting so many new people in Autumn but it's never to early to start and there is so many different things to do with people in the Summer.
  11. Spend a day on holiday of all social media and phones (minus my camera). It's so easy to not actually take in a moment or experience because you're looking down at a screen, or you can be me and annoy everyone by going missing searching for wifi.
Let me know what you are up to this Summer and what is on your Summer 'bucket list', thanks for reading and don't forget to follow!

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