Thursday, 23 April 2015


I know it's not Summer yet but I can dream right? I've been dreaming of Summer now more than ever with the weather in the UK finally perking up, Dubai and Ayia Napa planned and an extra long Summer ahead of me before Uni I am sooo excited and I cannot wait for school and exams to be over and for me to be in the sun, by the pool, cocktail in hand! So here are a few things that I'm hoping to get up to or do this Summer, and hopefully I can tick them off as they are completed.

  1. Vlog Napa and Dubai, any vlog camera suggestions? Can't exactly use my SLR to vlog easyly, please let me know below if you have any!
  2. Go on a road trip (which would mean passing my driving test). I'll also need a car which I don't have so this is looking like a more and more unrealistic goal, anyone else wanna drive?
  3. Watch the sunset/sunrise on the beach. 
  4. Go paragliding on holiday. Or any sort of water sport besides jet skiing, I've done it before but it kind of only hit me after how dangerous they are which really unsettles me
  5. Go bright with my hair! Grey or blue? I really want to dye my hair a fun colour and Summer is the best time to get away with that!
  6. Visit a theme park. If you don't go to Thorpe Park (or Alton Towers) in Summer WHAT? It's the best time to go! You dry so quickly after the water rides as well!
  7. Go to a concert/ festival. I can't go to see my bae Drake at Wireless because I'm away (weep with me guys :'/) and I do not think I'm cut out to stay all of Reading so any other suggestions?
  8. Get a crazy cool henna tattoo. Last year in Zante I got a pretty rubbish inside joke henna but I want a really extravagant mehndi design, definitely going to by some tubes to play around with.
  9. Save A LOT for Uni. Hopefully when I'm not away or blogging I can use my time productively to work, I'm not sure if I'm ready for the renowned strained finances of a proper student, au revoir branded food.
  10. Meet new people. I love meeting new people, and even though I'm going to be meeting so many new people in Autumn but it's never to early to start and there is so many different things to do with people in the Summer.
  11. Spend a day on holiday of all social media and phones (minus my camera). It's so easy to not actually take in a moment or experience because you're looking down at a screen, or you can be me and annoy everyone by going missing searching for wifi.
Let me know what you are up to this Summer and what is on your Summer 'bucket list', thanks for reading and don't forget to follow!


Wednesday, 15 April 2015


dress (worn as top): american apparel
skirt: new look
leather jacket: matalan
sunglasses: primark

Hooray to the first of many tightless outfits! With the weather really picking up I decided to pass on my trusty Primark 40 denier tights and go bare legged. This dress as actually one of my favourite items to wear as a top, is extremely snug, with a low back and stripes go with almost everything! Although with it hitting up to 20 degrees I probably won't even be wearing long sleeves for much longer! I chucked on a skater dress and flung my leather jacket around my waist when it started to heat up, it also doubled up as way of making sure my skater skirt didn't go flying about in the wind. 

Let me know what you've been getting up to this Easter holiday below and don't forget to follow!


Monday, 13 April 2015


swimsuit- American Apparel

Please replace the word weekend with CENTURY. American Apparel are having the craaaaaaaaaziest sale at the moment. AA is probably one of those shops that I covet almost everything , but the prices, ohhh the prices, they are not kind. I've been hearing a lot about this sale on YouTube and have seen a lot of people hauling items from it, so when I happened to be in London the other day I had to check out the store,  my jaw literally hit the floor (ok maybe not literally but yh). 70, 80 and 90% off, like whaaaat?! I'm so annoyed I didn't go earlier because I saw so many amazing items for so little but none of them were in my size. Anyway on this particular buy, I managed to snag £48.80 OFF, it was originally £61 and I got it for £12.20, like how amazing? This cosie will be perfect for my holidays, with a pair of shorts on top it could double up as a gorgeous floral body. It reminds me so much of 90s swimwear with the high leg and print and I am definitely going to be getting  more 90s inspired swimwear from AA! Unfortunately I'm probably not gunna rock the look as well as these 90s babes!

What has been your bargain of the week? Have you checked out the AA sale? Let me know below and make sure to follow!


Tuesday, 7 April 2015


vest top & jeans: topshop
jacker: matalan (similar)
boots: missguided

SPRING IS FINALLY HERE (for the mean time) and that means less layers! I do have to admit Spring is my least favourite season, I know, crazy, but let me explain. It's a it too warm to wear turtlenecks without being looked at funny (and I do love a good turtleneck), if you wear all black in spring you are bound to look grumpy besides the rest of the population sporting head to toe pastel and it's that awkward season in between shorts and scarves. But at the moment I am loving it! The weather is sooo nice and I can actually just wear a leather jacket without feeling like I am going to catch pneumonia! This is probably going to end up being one of my go-to spring outfits and it'll be so easy to switch up, you could swap the mom jeans for boyfriend jeans or white ones and the black leather jacket for a pastel colour to make a totally different outfit!

I hope you all had a great four day weekend filled with chocolate, because I know I did! Let me know what you got up to below! Thank you for reading and make sure to follow!


Wednesday, 1 April 2015


jumpsuit- primark (similar)
jacket- matalan
necklace- topshop
heels- debenhams (similar)

Khaki has been a colour that has surprisingly been extremly on trend at the moment, even though it doesn't seem like the most obvious colour for spring I love it as a laid-back alternative to black. Boiler suits have also been a huge trend and this item is a great combination of both. As well as it being so easy to throw on and dress up or down it is probably one of the best bargains I've managed to find this year, costing only a fiver (moment of silence for Primark please- you the real MVP). I love that it can be worn loosely or fitted and D-Rings are on of my favourite things at the moment, they give an item such a nice bit of detail, even thought they are so small! Oh and I know what you're thinking, "how did she come up with such a fab title?" What can I say? I'm talented.

Let me know what you think of the khaki trend, and what your favourite trend are this Spring! Thanks for reading and make sure to follow!

Friday, 27 March 2015


It is not always easy maintaining your carefully created personal style. Sure you look great, but do you look yourself? These are the questions we face when the going is the hardest, right after we wake up! Anybody can have a bad hair day, or simply a moment when they don’t really feel like dolling up. Thankfully, there are so many different variations of style, that you could always borrow an idea or two, for those special days. Stressed, depressed, but well dressed, that’s a motto to go by! Of course, you might be one of those boho fairies for whom getting ready is simply a state of mind. They look great in everything, because second-hand vintage always matches. It’s a bit harder for the crisp and clean girls. Anyways, here is a short list of incredibly stylish accessories to perk you up even when the morning coffee doesn’t (and there’s something for the preps, the bohemians, and all us mortals in between!)

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes the Spring Break, wedding season and festivals every other weekend. With all that celebration it’s time to decorate your hair and head with something stylish and yet flirty.
No matter if you choose a flower headband (its popularity seems to be rising still), forehead band or a crown-like crystal headband, you will not be wrong. On the other hand, you can pick a fedora hat or a black floppy hat if you are going for a more sophisticated look.  

As far as your hands are concerned, you better watch out because the era of statement rings is here! There is something for everyone: great boho pieces with quartz and amethyst, big silver adjustable ones, the one with rubies and crystals...
You can choose to wear one if you’re opting for a glamorous air that day, or wear several in combination with many bracelets to get that boho look which is so popular every spring and summer.

Earrings and ear cuffs
Just in case you haven’t noticed so far, earrings have become one of the main statement pieces for girls all over the world. Fashion bloggers everywhere have been wearing big, sparkly, chandelier earrings which require no other detail to accompany them. Also, ear cuffs have come back from the grunge-inspired 90’s with new glow and a new message: look how glamorous we can look!
Combine either a dainty hoop or a full-on statement piece with some of your absolute favourite party dresses and you will be the star of the evening. And in addition, there are so many versions which don't require pierced ears at all that everyone can find their favourite.

Dark lips and nails
For all the lovers of dramatic makeup and vamp look out there – your time has finally come. Dark lips and dark nails are absolute hit this season and you will not make a mistake if you choose to wear them every day. Deep plum and marsala shades are especially popular, and go well with pale skin and dark sunglasses.

As you can see, it is all about being discreet and subtly drawing other people’s attention to yourself by using carefully selected details. No one will be able to draw their eyes from you if your appearance is striking and elegant at the same time. Be bold and combine styles in such way, that you feel good wearing them in the first place, because that will surely not be unnoticed.  

What are your favourite items to make a statement with your outfit? Let me know below and make sure to follow me and Cristina!

Post Written by Cristina Nika Kask

Saturday, 21 March 2015


jumper- mums wardrobe (similar)
cape shawl thingy (worn as scarf)- matalan
trainers- nike

This was one of those 'thrown-on-to-go-shopping' (yes that's a thing) from a few weeks ago that I just happened to photograph. I uploaded the pictures to Blogger and I have just stumbled upon them while sitting in my drafts while attempting to clear them a bit, this probably got neglected because it is a pretty basic outfit or I'm just a shocking blogger, take your pick.

I opted for all black minus the trainers, which are the commmmmmmmmmmmmmmfiest pair I have owned, plus they were only £40 in last years Boxing Day sales. This was also around the time I was playing around with my faux septum, which I wrote a post on, but I have decided to store it away until the warmer months when all the body jewellery really does come out. Oh and did anyone actually manage to see the solar eclipse yesterday, the rubbish weather (namely the clouds) meant I could only gaze upon it from my sfofa on Sky news.

Do you ever just take pictures for a blog post or write content without actually posting it? Let me know below becuase I wanna know if it's just me! Thanks for reading and make sure to follow!
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