Friday, 27 March 2015


It is not always easy maintaining your carefully created personal style. Sure you look great, but do you look yourself? These are the questions we face when the going is the hardest, right after we wake up! Anybody can have a bad hair day, or simply a moment when they don’t really feel like dolling up. Thankfully, there are so many different variations of style, that you could always borrow an idea or two, for those special days. Stressed, depressed, but well dressed, that’s a motto to go by! Of course, you might be one of those boho fairies for whom getting ready is simply a state of mind. They look great in everything, because second-hand vintage always matches. It’s a bit harder for the crisp and clean girls. Anyways, here is a short list of incredibly stylish accessories to perk you up even when the morning coffee doesn’t (and there’s something for the preps, the bohemians, and all us mortals in between!)

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes the Spring Break, wedding season and festivals every other weekend. With all that celebration it’s time to decorate your hair and head with something stylish and yet flirty.
No matter if you choose a flower headband (its popularity seems to be rising still), forehead band or a crown-like crystal headband, you will not be wrong. On the other hand, you can pick a fedora hat or a black floppy hat if you are going for a more sophisticated look.  

As far as your hands are concerned, you better watch out because the era of statement rings is here! There is something for everyone: great boho pieces with quartz and amethyst, big silver adjustable ones, the one with rubies and crystals...
You can choose to wear one if you’re opting for a glamorous air that day, or wear several in combination with many bracelets to get that boho look which is so popular every spring and summer.

Earrings and ear cuffs
Just in case you haven’t noticed so far, earrings have become one of the main statement pieces for girls all over the world. Fashion bloggers everywhere have been wearing big, sparkly, chandelier earrings which require no other detail to accompany them. Also, ear cuffs have come back from the grunge-inspired 90’s with new glow and a new message: look how glamorous we can look!
Combine either a dainty hoop or a full-on statement piece with some of your absolute favourite party dresses and you will be the star of the evening. And in addition, there are so many versions which don't require pierced ears at all that everyone can find their favourite.

Dark lips and nails
For all the lovers of dramatic makeup and vamp look out there – your time has finally come. Dark lips and dark nails are absolute hit this season and you will not make a mistake if you choose to wear them every day. Deep plum and marsala shades are especially popular, and go well with pale skin and dark sunglasses.

As you can see, it is all about being discreet and subtly drawing other people’s attention to yourself by using carefully selected details. No one will be able to draw their eyes from you if your appearance is striking and elegant at the same time. Be bold and combine styles in such way, that you feel good wearing them in the first place, because that will surely not be unnoticed.  

What are your favourite items to make a statement with your outfit? Let me know below and make sure to follow!

Post Written by Cristina Nika Kask

Saturday, 21 March 2015


jumper- mums wardrobe (similar)
cape shawl thingy (worn as scarf)- matalan
trainers- nike

This was one of those 'thrown-on-to-go-shopping' (yes that's a thing) from a few weeks ago that I just happened to photograph. I uploaded the pictures to Blogger and I have just stumbled upon them while sitting in my drafts while attempting to clear them a bit, this probably got neglected because it is a pretty basic outfit or I'm just a shocking blogger, take your pick.

I opted for all black minus the trainers, which are the commmmmmmmmmmmmmmfiest pair I have owned, plus they were only £40 in last years Boxing Day sales. This was also around the time I was playing around with my faux septum, which I wrote a post on, but I have decided to store it away until the warmer months when all the body jewellery really does come out. Oh and did anyone actually manage to see the solar eclipse yesterday, the rubbish weather (namely the clouds) meant I could only gaze upon it from my sfofa on Sky news.

Do you ever just take pictures for a blog post or write content without actually posting it? Let me know below becuase I wanna know if it's just me! Thanks for reading and make sure to follow!

Thursday, 19 March 2015


striped shirt dress- £27.50                                                 white shirt dress- £32
orange jacket- £22                                                               fringe crop top- £28
'unavailable' black crop top- £14                                   'namastay in bed' grey crop top- £14
'lazy' crop top- £30                                                              lilac shirt dress- £30
black short dungarees- £38                                               v-neck salmon shift dress- £20                 
coral lace swimsuit- £28                                                    'beach please' bikini- £15
white halterneck swimsuit- £18                                      denim skirt- £28
culottes- £13.50

It's pretty upsetting that my saved items list gets more action than my actual shopping basket. Many items journey to the overcrowded, hopeful place that is my saved items and only the lucky make it out to the shopping basket and eventually my wardrobe. Although these may seem like a lot of item these are just a handful of favourites from my (seventy one itemed) saved items, and possible payday purchases.

The whole thing seems quite Summer themed and as you can see from a few of my picks (namely the swimwear and sunnies) I cannot wait for the warmer months along with upcoming holidays. My second skin that is tights are not ready to shed yet with the current temperature so some of these items will definitely have to wait until Spring decides to grace us with its presence.

As well as the super comfy and fun slogan tees I'm loving these shirt dresses, they remind me of a put together extension of my pyjama collection and items that can be thrown on by themselves are always great for lazy dressing days. 

Let me know what your favourite items are from above and the items you've been loving recently, thanks for reading and make sure to follow!

Monday, 16 March 2015


I'll pass on inserting a picture of what comes to mind when I think of the title above, but this blogpost is not that! With Summer comes accessories, and accessories in their masses. Every year their seems to be a new one that I just want to sport 24/7, while walking through my town and just picturing I'm at Coachella. At the moment I've been loving choker straps and harnesses (trust me this isn't fifty shades inspired and I just had to point that out because the title might seem otherwise) these little things lie in that grey area in-between lingerie and accessories, but I'll definitely be sporting them.

chocker strap- c/o EstyLingerie

After being sent this gorgeous handmade choker strap by the lovely Estelle from EstyLingerie I fell in love with all things strappy and elastic. I was so shocked how well made it was and good it looked on, as well as this it's adjustable so one size fits all! It's a very versatile product; it can transform an underwear set, or act as the perfect accessories for spring, with a plunge blouse or shirt. As well as this limited edition one from Estelle's collection here a few of my other pieces from her site (halter strap, body harness & black triple strap choker)

As well as Estelle's site I've been loving some girlies on Depop who have been making and selling some pretty awesome harnesses (it seems to be all the craze!), I think some of these will be perfect for a night out to give an outfit that extra umph!!

one and two: @carrieoneillx // three: @annie_bate // four and five: @harnessbrazaar

Let me know what you think of this trend and how you'd style some of these! Thanks for reading and make sure to follow!


Wednesday, 4 March 2015


boots- missguided

If there is anything I'm good at, it's finding a good bargain, maybe because I am determined to shop regardless of the tragic state my bank account is constantly in. The other day I got an email from Missguided, you know those annoying ones that you instantly delete. Anyway as I swiped to delete it '40 % off' caught my eye, this, combined with payday could only end one way. An hour after scrolling the site  and a few days after waiting (like what feels like a lifetime) for delivery, these babies arrived. You can never have enough black boots to be honest and for £15 these were such a bargain.

I did grab some other things from Missguided aswell which I was going to haul, but annoyingly they sent me the wrong item with my delivery instead of something I ordered, which I'm going to have to sort out.

Let me know if you've managed to pick up any bargains this week! Or if they're any good ones in store atm! Thanks for reading and make sure to follow!

Sunday, 1 March 2015


BEST CONCEALER IN THE WORLD?! Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX12.

When I started this blog I used to do a fair amount of beauty posts and that kind of ended when I realised that my descriptive skills are abysmal, I do love a good wander around Boots, always caving for the big 3 for 2 signs plastered all over the shop, oh and when it comes to a night out I feel like Britain's best MUA by the time I leave the house, if only that equated to being a good beauty blogger. So although writing about beauty products is not my forte, I'll attempt to translate my love, because this product- worth the exception.

The Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is a thick, creamy, multi-purpose skin base that can be manipulated into almost any coverage for any use (ok maybe no any use, I can't see it being that great of a lipstick), at full concentration the coverage is unbeatable and even when sheered out the finish of this product is unprecedented. Although it does cost a steep £38 for what looks like a tiny pot, don't let it fool you, because this is nothing less than a tiny pot of magic and 100% worth the premium price. 18g seems like a modest amount, but with this being probably the most pigmented product on the market of it's kind, this could last you anything from a year to three. Only a a rice grain amount is needed to conceal or cover the whole face.

I can't comment on it as a foundation because I prefer to use it as a concealer at full concentration, but a quick Google search will show you all the different ways people go about applying this as a foundation.

+ Extremley pigmented, with such a full coverage that is great for blemishes and dark under eyes.
+ Coverage can be tailored to your liking. Mixed with moisturiser or a primer it can be transformed to a dewy sheer base.
+ Gives an amazing, flawless finish, without looking like you have tons of product on your face.
+ Product lasts for months, if not years. I am not exaggerating by saying only a dot of this stuff will do the trick for the day.
+ Long lasting, stays put.

- May take some time to work out the best way to wear and apply to your skin type.
- Not as simple to use as other concealers were you can just whack the product onto your face in a rush (we all have those days).
- £38 isn't exactly cheap, once you've tried it I doubt you'll want to repurchase (but don't worry that won't be any time soon).
- If applied wrong, or excessively this could result in quite a caked face.

I really do not rave about products and when it comes to my make-up I'm pretty flexible on what I use as long as it looks alright, but once you've mastered how this product works best on your skin, it really does do wonders and while I'm maybe not bold enough to say it is the best concealer in the world, I doubt anything I ever try will be comparable.

Have you tried this product? What is your favourite concealer? Let me know below and make sure to follow!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Untitled #29
I tend to throw around and misuse the word need a lot, the post title illustrates this, as I'm sure that we can all survive without copper wire baskets, but I mean come on, look at them! Homeware has become such a huge thing in the last few months, or maybe it always has been and I've just noticed. Whichever, I've been loving homeware pieces, watching homeware hauls and reading homeware related blogposts. Here are a few of my favourite homeware picks at the moment, and even though I still live with my parents I can still dream about how I'd decorate my dream flat right? Or just help out you guys who are lucky enough to live in your own place.


My favourite homeware 'trends' at the moment are all things copper, which have definitely not been lacking in homeware vlogs and blogs as well as marble and white. My favourite pieces above include the shower curtain and the copper baskets, and I couldn't help throw in the Ikea vase because if you don't have this in your room whether you use it as a brush holder, pen holder, or it's original function; a vase, where have you been?!

Let me know below what your favourite picks are and your favourite homeware shops! Thanks for reading and make sure to follow!
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